Smash it is pleased to announce our winter to season progressional build up throwing program led by our President of Baseball Operations and the current Pitching Coach. This specified program is designed to begin training a pitchers body and arm to handle a specified workload for their spring and summer seasons through throwing. This program implements proper throwing mechanics, specified drill sets designed to teach an athlete his own delivery, improve timing of the body, which improves command, while building up arm strength. This 8 week throwing program program is the first step of building up arm strength to return to a mound. In addition to the GOLD package, each athlete will get a specified arm care routine (pre and post throwing), as well as their own resistance band

Gold Package

4x a week (8 total weeks)

$400 (per MONTH)


Silver Package

3x a week (8 total weeks)

$300 (per MONTH)


Bronze Package

2x a week (8 total weeks)

$250 (per MONTH)


Group Pricing

For 2 players at a time

4x a week $350 (per MONTH)

3 times a week $250 (per MONTH)

2 times a week $200 (per MONTH)


For 4 players at a time

4 times a week $325 (per MONTH)

3 times a week $225 (per MONTH)

2 times a week: $175 (per MONTH)


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Give us a call at 585-445-8644 during regular facility hours, or write to us through our website’s contact page.